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ReelCloud is live streaming, video editing and video distribution pure. Would you like to stream sports events, online games, press conferences, sales conferences, training and further education events, seminars or lectures live? Would you like to compile highlights from your livestream and publish them again as a video? Do you just want to share videos worldwide or collaborate globally?

You want to send your livestream or your videos exactly to your target groups via the Internet and with the simplest usage. The cloud is the ideal basis for collaborative video production. Every time and everywhere. Wherever the web is, there's ReelCloud.

And what do you not have? No installation, no investment, no waiting times. ReelCloud is livestream and video to go. ReelCloud has the right offer for every user. Calculated ice cold.

You are ...

Sports association.

You need the Team Edition.

Are you a sports association? Would you like to broadcast a single event, a crucial sporting event or a once-in-a-lifetime game live? Or would you like to set up your own live streaming or video channel on social media to permanently increase your media presence? Then use the Team Edition of ReelCloud like many others.

Produce a professional live stream of your events with ReelCloud and decide where you want to send your stream. Whether on your own YouTube channel, on your own Facebook page, with the help of the adaptive streaming player from ReelCloud on the website of your club or on the website of a sponsor or to everyone at the same time - ReelCloud makes it possible. Include advertising clips from your sponsors before the game and during breaks. Generate additional sponsorship money and invest in the further development of your team.

After the event, would you like to compile the highlights? No problem. ReelCloud automatically creates a video file from your livestream. Then use the post-processing in ReelCloud to compile the best scenes. Cut out, subtitles - everything is possible.

Team Edition


Use the Team Edition.

Are you a teacher or a teacher in training or further education? Do you want to make your lectures interactive and in full compliance with data protection? Then make use of ReelCloud in combination with your digital learning platforms, whether it is OPAL, MOODLE, OPENOLAT or others.

All you need is a laptop and ReelCloud. You announce your lecture via link on your learning platform. Produce a professional live stream of your courses with ReelCloud. Include PowerPoint presentations or PDF documents in your livestream. You use teaching breaks to answer questions from your students from the live chat.

Every course is recorded automatically: decide for yourself whether you want to record it directly on your website or edit it again beforehand. Use post-processing in ReelCloud. Clipping, subtitles - everything is possible. At the end of the day, you decide whether you want to make your livestream or your edited video public or only accessible to your course participants.


Innovative company.

You work best with the Team or Enterprise Edition.

Are you an innovative company and want to stream your press conferences, sales conferences, training and further education events or seminars live - be it publicly on the social media channels and your company's website or be it protected on your company's intranet? ReelCloud supports you optimally with these plans. Live streaming, editing, transferring and saving without investment and without waiting.

Do you also want to document your processes and products quickly and easily? You see the advantages of video-based process, operating, maintenance, training and service instructions. Especially in the age of "Industry 4.0" and "Mittelstand 4.0", you can use your tablet computer and ReelCloud to create convincing videos inexpensively, safely and at any time of the day or night. ReelCloud enables fast uploading, easy editing, dubbing and subtitling. Simply send the finished video from ReelCloud to the platform of your choice - regardless of whether YouTube or intranet.

With the user authorization concept, you regulate your employees' powers to live stream, upload, edit and publish your livestreams and videos in ReelCloud.
Enterprise Edition

Youtuber. Online gamers. Professionals.

You need the Freelance Edition.

Are you a professional Youtuber or online gamer, producing live streams and videos for the web? Do you create highlight videos or summaries from your streams? Then ReelCloud is the ideal solution for you to stream, edit, transfer and save. No installation, no waiting. And the 14-day free trial.

Livestream Starter.

You need the Freelance Edition.

You are a livestream starter? You have never broadcasted a livestream for your company before? Then ReelCloud is the right choice for you! Just use the Freelance Edition of ReelCloud.

In our support portal you will find numerous answers to the most urgent questions as a livestream starter. What hardware and software do I need? What hardware and software can ReelCloud recommend? What are the right settings for the hard- and software? Finally, we show you the way from the live stream to your own highlights with ReelCloud in six easy steps. And if there is a problem, call or send us an email. We look forward to you!
Livestream Starter