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ReelCloud is live streaming, video editing and video distribution pure. Would you like to stream sports events, online games, press conferences, sales conferences, training and further education events, seminars or lectures live? Would you like to compile highlights from your livestream and publish them again as a video? Do you just want to share videos worldwide or collaborate globally?

You want to send your livestream or your videos exactly to your target groups via the Internet and with the simplest usage. The cloud is the ideal basis for collaborative video production. Every time and everywhere. Wherever the web is, there's ReelCloud. And what do you not have? No installation, no investment, no waiting times. ReelCloud is livestream and video to go. ReelCloud has the right offer for every user. Calculated ice cold.

You are ...

Registered sports club.

You need the Honorary Edition.

Are you a registered association in the register of associations and volunteer for sport and culture? All ReelCloud employees have the highest respect! As a small acknowledgment of your achievements, we have created our Honorary Edition for you.
Are you striving to run your own live streaming or video channels on social media? Or do you want to stream a single event, a single concert live once? Do you want to attract more sponsors or increase the media presence for your existing sponsors through the live stream of your sporting or cultural events?
That's what the Honorary Edition of ReelCloud is for. Set up the computer, connect the camera, and configure ReelCloud. Here we go. No investment, no installation, no waiting.

Youtuber. Online gamers.

You need the Freelance Edition.

Are you a Youtuber or online gamer, producing live streams and videos for the web? Do you create highlight videos or summaries from your streams? Then ReelCloud is the ideal solution for you to stream, edit, transfer and save. No installation, no waiting. And the 14-day free trial.

Innovative company.

You work best with the Team or Enterprise Edition.

Are you an innovative company and want to stream your press conferences, sales conferences, training and further education events or seminars live - be it publicly on the social media channels and your company's website or be it protected on your company's intranet? ReelCloud supports you optimally with these plans. Live streaming, editing, transferring and saving without investment and without waiting.
Do you also want to document your processes and products quickly and easily? You see the advantages of video-based process, operating, maintenance, training and service instructions. Especially in the age of "Industry 4.0" and "Mittelstand 4.0", you can use your tablet computer and ReelCloud to create convincing videos inexpensively, safely and at any time of the day or night. ReelCloud enables fast uploading, easy editing, dubbing and subtitling. Simply send the finished video from ReelCloud to the platform of your choice - regardless of whether YouTube or intranet.
With the user authorization concept, you regulate your employees' powers to live stream, upload, edit and publish your livestreams and videos in ReelCloud.
Enterprise Edition
Team Edition

Training and further education providers / online trainers.

Use the Team Edition.

You work in education and training with live streams and instructional videos. Then you need a very flexible and powerful online production system to produce and manage your content. Control your live streams via ReelCloud or download your training videos in ReelCloud and use the extensive edition options to create your teaching units.