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Incredible Freedom.

Professional livestreams and videos generate more attention. More attention on your website. More attention in your social media channels. More attention for your offer. Livestream and video management with ReelCloud supports you in creating your own livestreams and videos, opens up incredible freedom with its extensive functions and can grow very flexibly with your requirements and wishes:



Determine where you stream! ReelCloud can stream simultaneously to all social media platforms and/or your website. True multistreaming. Configure once - change anytime - add additional targets anytime. ReelCloud provides you with the adaptive streaming player and the streaming URLs to put on your website.


You decide what you stream with! According to your budget. Upgradeable at any time - investment-proof at any time. One camera - multiple cameras. Entry-level webcam or high-end camcorder. OBS Studio or VMix software. You have the free choice.


Determine how many people you stream with! From a single-person stream to a full-stream team with commentators, cameramen and directors. Freely configurable at any time!


Determine in which image quality you stream! HD - Full HD - 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second. ReelCloud handles it all.


Determine which livestream layout you stream in! Give your livestream a design in your colors and shapes. Use the editable streaming templates of ReelCloud.


Determine when you stream your commercials! You are the director! And determine over 100% of your advertising revenue!

Edit Video.

Remove the opening and closing parts from your livestream video with a few clicks and generate a clean stream video e.g. for a sports league compliant video! Or create the highlights of your livestream event with just a few clicks!

Transfer Video.

Use the automated upload of the clean stream video with a few clicks, e.g. to the Sportlounge.com server or to your social media accounts.

Archive Video.

Decide how to store your livestreams, clean streams or highlights in ReelCloud - your unlimited video archive! Keep your files organized by using the categories function. Create your own categories according to your needs and assign the files to these categories. Your large video archive will be tidy in no time.

User Configuration.

Decide on access and user permissions in ReelCloud! From the administrator with live streaming permission to the team with video editing permission and the team with view-only permissions.

No risks.

Get to know ReelCloud 14 days for free! Without ifs and buts. No risk. Without automatic renewal.
Without backdoor.


Decide on the ReelCloud edition of your choice! Freelancer Edition. Team Edition. Business Edition. ReelCloud grows with your needs. You can change at any time.

Cancellable on a monthly basis.

Bestimmen Sie frei über die Laufzeit Ihrer Edition! ReelCloud gibt es ausschließlich im Monats-Abo. Keine langfristigen Verpflichtungen. Sie können jederzeit zum Ende des Decide freely about the duration of your edition! ReelCloud is only available as a monthly subscription service. No long-term commitments. You can cancel at any time at the end of the monthly subscription. Promised.

Made in Germany.

Rely on a professional livestream and video management platform!
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