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There's more to it than meets the eye. ReelCloud offers all the technical possibilities for live streaming, even though you can't see into certain depths or need specific features yet. At the same time, ReelCloud, in all its complexity, is easy-to-use, user-friendly and customer-oriented.

In six steps, we'll show you how ReelCloud works: easy-as-pie, straight & simple and highly professional.

Streaming with ReelCloud goes like this:

Step 1: Create livestream

You create a livestream in ReelCloud. You can have your livestream automatically forwarded to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Co.
ReelCloud creates your private website with the livestream automatically and publishes it.
Do you need a link or an adaptive video player? No problem, ReelCloud provides you with the link or a complete video player for copying to you website.

Step 2: Start the livestream

You start the livestream in ReelCloud. Copy the access data into your streaming software, e.g. OBS Studio and start the livestream there. Your audience can now see your livestream on your website and - if configured - on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Co.

Step 3: Stream live

Your lectures, your home game, your press conference or your concert is running. You insert still images, advertising clips, jingles or music into the livestream. You monitor the livestream in real time in ReelCloud.

Step 4: End livestream

You end the livestream in ReelCloud and in OBS Studio. The stream is automatically archived in ReelCloud and is available to you after a few minutes.

Step 5: Create your highlights

The recording of your livestream is automatically loaded into the ReelCloud Editor - you can start right away. You create your highlights, a summary, a best-of or a trailer of your livestream.

Step 6: Publish your highlights

You publish the compilation of your livestream: again automatically on your website or on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Co. Or send it to your agency, the central lecture server or the sports association.