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ReelCloud helps you streaming your events in HD quality to any audience: your social media channels, your web page, your intranet or all channels simultaneously. ReelCloud automatically records your streams so that you can edit them later in our online video editor. With on click you can transfer the video files to other platforms. ReelCloud also supports distributed, collaborative production.
ReelCloud is the operational platform for your business, no matter who you are and where you work. Because ReelCloud offers exactly the features you need.

6 easy features that simplify your work:

Live streaming. Full speed ahead! A standard laptop with the free and free Open-Broadcaster Studio software (obsproject.com) and a standard video camera connected to it- and off you go. Log in to ReelCloud and there is already the URL of the streaming server and the streaming key from ReelCloud. Enter this data into the Open Broadcaster software and your livestream can start!Configure your streaming targets - whether social media like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch or with the adaptive video player from ReelCloud on your own website or intranet: ReelCloud takes everything. ReelCloud can do everything - and all channels simultaneously - if you want! ReelCloud always provides the correct URLs for the video player.Whether HD quality, Full HD quality or even 4k, ReelCloud is ready. Your camera and data line too? For Full HD, ReelCloud recommends a stable 10 Mbit / s upload. Test your line now. Or even simpler: use the auto-configuration wizard of your open broadcaster software and all streaming settings are optimized for your data line.And when your livestream has ended, ReelCloud provides you with the analysis of the accesses. Complete and transparent.

Recording and storing. In a big repository! ReelCloud does not miss anything. Your live streams are stored in best quality in mp4 files and archived. ReelCloud provides high performance and nearly unlimited storage – an huge repository acting as the ideal home for your streams and videos.

Searching, sorting and finding. Let there be order! No matter what you ingest into ReelCloud – live streaming or uploading video files – you can find everything through our search page. You define the order. Sort the results by date or size. Or define your tree of categories and sort in the media. No efforts. Fast and efficiently.

Editing. All correct in the cut. Now you want to create highlights of your livestream or remove or add advertising sequences or add opening and closing credits to your stream, or, or, or ... Then you can take full advantage of the integrated online video editor. You compile your video sequences, determine your takes with mark-in and mark-out and arrange them on the video track. You have all options. Supported by the computing power of a cloud service.

Transfer. Wherever you want! Your new video from the livestream is ready. But it should also be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and Co. – or for your sports club to the sports portal, e.g. Sportlounge.com? No problem. You can transfer single files, multiple files and metadata to remote destinations. ReelCloud comes with a managed file-transfer engine. You can define your target destinations in our configuration pages and up you go. Just with on click and lightning fast!

Configuring – unlock the flexibility! Regardless of whether the general settings, the management of ReelCloud user rights, the transfer destinations or the settings for file formats - everything can be configured quickly and flexibly in ReelCloud and adapted to changing requirements. Flexibility integrated!

If you haven't had enough of ReelCloud yet: We still have three features for you!

Upload. All into the Repository – highly efficient! You got some video files in your camera or on your laptop, left there from streaming? You got hard disks and flash cards full of video or audio files. No issue! Upload individual files or upload multiple files in batch mode. Upload your media data with or without metadata into your personal repository. For this, no installation is necessary. All into the repository – no limits!

Performing CDN - Content Delivery Network ReelCloud helps you to stream your events in full HD quality live to your desired destinations via a professional and powerful content delivery network (CDN): your social media channels, your web page, your intranet or all channels simultaneously; no matter how many viewers at the same time.ReelCloud automatically records your streams so that you can edit them later in our online video editor. With on click you can transfer the video files to other platforms.

Let’s talk about subtitles. You want to explain or comment your moving images? For subtitles, ReelCloud has plenty of options. You can import, store and export subtitles in multiple formats. When editing, you can add subtitles to your sequence. You can render the subtitles into your video or distribute them as an extra subtitle file.The following subtitle file formats are supported: VTT, SRT and many others. You can export subtitles as separate files or you can add them to the video frame.