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ReelCloud is as individual as its customers. Whether you want to work with ReelCloud as a freelancer, as a team, or even with everyone in your organization, we have the right edition for you. See for yourself:

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Target group Evaluation Freelancer Team Business
Prices*€ 0 p.m.US$45 p.m.US$335 p.m.US$565 p.m.

Streaming (Live and re-live)

1,25 GB125 GB1.250 GB2.500 GB
Price per additional GByten/a0.18 US$0.15 US$0.12 US$

30+ destinations

30+ destinations

30+ destinations

30+ destinations

Streaming to private web site
Webpage Creation & Hosting (06/2020)
Adaptive Streaming
Stream Analytics
Automated Stream recording
Video storage1,25 GB125 GB1.250 GB2.500 GB
Price per additonal GByte and monthn/a0.18 US$0.15 US$0.12 US$
Video cutting / Subclipping
Video Subtitling
Video Transcoding
Video Transfer
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All prices are exclusive of VAT and other taxes that may apply for the specific country where you are using the ReelCloud services. When used in Germany the German VAT rate of 19% has to be added. When you are subscribing from another EU country or from a state within the United States of America we will display the VAT for this country or state during the checkout and in all invoices.

If you have further questions about pricing please contact sales@reelway.de