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For everyone working in video, ReelCloud is the production platform you've been waiting for. Discover the unlimited possibilities that the Cloud presents to you for collaborative production and distribution. Explore how your work will become easier, faster and more efficient. Experience the technical and organizational features that ReelCloud has to offer.

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  • Upload.

    Upload individual files or upload multiple files in batch mode. Upload your media data with or without metadata. For large files, use the fast-upload function UDP. For this, no installation is necessary.

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  • Import.

    You can import media files directly from remote servers. Configure your source server and connect via ReelCloud's web-based file explorer. Select the files and import them directly without having to download and upload them again.

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  • Metadata.

    Describe your media with global metadata as well as time-dependent metadata (markers). These metadata help you retrieve and re-use your clips.

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  • Search.

    ReelCloud's UI provides two search modes for the user: you can search media using our full-text search or search using selected metadata attributes. All your metadata are indexed and can be searched.

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  • Material management.

    ReelCloud's material management registers all files with their technical metadata. All materials are displayed in the list so that you always have a complete overview. Accompanying files such as song texts, cover images can be stored as collaterals.

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  • Editing.

    Use our built-in online video editor to create a sequence. Define your takes with mark in and mark out and arrange them on the timeline. Add overlay graphics and background music to your sequence.

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  • Voice-over.

    You can record your voice-over directly with your web browser and then add it to your sequence in the online editor.

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  • Subtitles.

    For subtitles, ReelCloud has plenty of options. You can import, store and export subtitles in multiple formats. When editing, you can add subtitles to your sequence. You can render the subtitles into your video or distribute them as an extra subtitle file.

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  • Rendering.

    You can render your finished EDL into any video format you like. ReelCloud comes with a built-in video rendering engine.

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  • NLE support.

    You can export your online edit (EDL and media) to a standard NLE system such as Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro or AVID Media Composer. You can download the edit package to your NLE station or transfer it to a shared server.

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  • Transcoding.

    You need your media files in a different format? No problem, ReelCloud has a built-in transcoding facility that converts video, audio, image and subtitle formats into the formats you need. Choose among the pre-configured formats or configure the format you need.

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  • Transfer.

    You can transfer single files, multiple files and metadata to remote destinations. ReelCloud comes with a managed file-transfer engine. You can define your target destinations in our configuration pages. 

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  • Workflow support.

    ReelCloud comes with a sophisticated, scalable workflow engine. This engine controls all processes such as Import, Rendering, Export, etc. As a user, you can monitor each step of your workflow in ReelCloud's monitoring page. In the Enterprise Edition, the workflows can be customized to your specific needs.

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  • API integration (Enterprise Edition).

    ReelCloud provides REST API, which you can integrate with your system(s). The REST API gives you full access to all ReelCloud functionalities.

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  • Integrated Authentication/ SSO (Enterprise Edition).

    For single-sign-on (SSO), you can link your Active Directory or LDAP Server to ReelCloud's identity management for a seamless user experience. All your on-premise users can then log onto the ReelCloud platform without additional administrative efforts.

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  • Security.

    Reelway uses state-of-the-art security measures and encryption technology to protect your data.

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  • Publishing.

    Publish your content on video platforms and social media. Publishing is just a click away in ReelCloud. Choose your target or channel and off we go. Of course with metadata and subtitles or captions.

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