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There's more to it than meets the eye. ReelCloud offers all the technical possibilities of online video production, even though you can't see into certain depths or need specific features yet. At the same time, ReelCloud, in all its complexity, is easy-to-use, user-friendly and customer-oriented.
In six steps, we'll show you how ReelCloud works: easy-as-pie, straight & simple and highly professional.

A typical work process with ReelCloud goes like this:

Step 1: Uploading

To be able to work with your clips and content, you have to upload them to the Cloud. ReelCloud offers you various ways for uploading videos, not to mention overlay graphics, audios and other material.

Step 2: Selecting

With the extensive search functions, you can browse through and organize your material and choose the tools with which to process your content.

Step 3: Editing

ReelCloud makes processing as easy as possible. You mark your clips and compile sequences. You can add graphics and music; you can produce and add voice-overs. Afterwards, you have an EDL in the Cloud. This is rendered in the next step; however you can also send the EDL to an NLE station for finishing.

Step 4: Rendering

If you want to render your clip, use the Cloud's own, script-based rendering engine. You choose your final format and start the process.

Step 5: Final checking

You check your format before you publish; ReelCloud offers a review function for this. You decide whether you want to edit your video some more or put it out there. This is also where you can add subtitles to your work.

Step 6: Publishing

The last step finishes the process. You publish your product online, adding meta-data if required, and send it any place you can reach online.