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Solid as a Rock: Our References.

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Our references.

Large and small companies have been relying on our expertise in live streaming and online video management for ten years. From sports clubs to universities and research institutions to global automotive manufacturers.

MORGENSTERN Baskets Speyer.

The MORGENSTERN BIS Baskets Speyer are the first basketball team of the Basketball boarding school Speyer eV. In the 2018/19 season, the team with the new name sponsor, MORGENSTERN CONSECOM GmbH, Speyer, was promoted to the BARMER 2. Basketball Bundesliga ProB Süd. "Rise to the top" is not only the motto for the further sporting development of the team, but also applies to the structures and media presence around the team. And that's why the MORGENSTERN BIS Baskets have been streaming their games since the 2019/20 season with ReelCloud on their own website and at the same time on their own YouTube channel and create highlights for your games.


Chair for Civil Law and Intellectual Property Right, TU Chemnitz.

There is an increasing number of digital courses in university teaching. Prof. Dr. iur. Dagmar Gesmann-Nuissl has been using ReelCloud in connection with the OPAL online platform for her lectures since summer 2020. In OPAL, students register for the lecture and receive the link to the livestream. Powerpoint presentations support the lecture. Students ask their questions in accordance with data protection in OPAL. In sensibly chosen breaks, Professor Gesmann-Nuissl picks up the questions and answers them during the live stream. Comparable to a face-to-face event at the university, the lecture is not published.

To the Chair

Volkswagen AG.

Volkswagen AG has been using digital media in marketing and sales for many years. A CI / CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) pipeline was implemented to provide digital images as part of the "Car Configurator". Based on the program code, this pipeline creates the executable software modules in an automated build process and installs them on the company's PaaS (Platform as a Service) infrastructure. The time between the approval of a new program code ("code committ") in the code management system until the start of the new component without downtime was reduced to a few minutes.